Can PVC floor be used for floor heating?

The application of PVC floor in this field is certain. The cement floor and ceramic tile floor will not change physically due to the increase of temperature, so there will be no deformation problem, but the uneven heat dissipation and comfort will be worse than other floors. Due to the physical characteristics of solid wood floor, it is easy to deform and arch when heated, so composite floor is mostly selected for geothermal floor. However, the organic solvent glue containing formaldehyde and ethanol in the composite floor is qualified at room temperature, but once the temperature rises, the emission of formaldehyde will exceed the standard, which will bring great trouble to consumers. If consumers are worried about the formaldehyde problem of composite floor, they might as well choose PVC floor. This kind of floor is not easy to conduct heat, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is small. Its performance is extremely stable and will not deform due to the increase of temperature. Plastic floor (PVC floor) has the word PVC, but it is indeed a green floor. Many people mistakenly believe that plastic floor (PVC floor) contains toxic substances. In fact, plastic floor (PVC floor), as a new type of floor material widely used in the world, has strict inspection procedures from production to delivery, and plastic floor (PVC floor) must be tested by relevant institutions. Plastic floor (PVC floor) has good thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation, small coefficient of thermal expansion and good dimensional stability. It can effectively distribute the heat of floor heating evenly and rapidly increase the indoor temperature. The above are some contents of PVC floor in relevant use, that is to say, it is very suitable for geothermal use. PVC geothermal floor has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, stability, wear resistance, pollution resistance, heat dissipation after heating for 3 minutes, good thermal insulation effect, comfortable floor, no noise, no formaldehyde release, no moisture, no formaldehyde release, and no mildew, blistering, mildew and deformation of the floor.

Modern application of PVC floor

As a decorative material with a huge amount of use at present, PVC floor itself has a great market demand. After years of development, it can be widely added and used in different fields. This difference is reflected in the processing of its raw materials. Firstly, the method is prepared by coating or calendering, extrusion or extrusion on the sheet continuous substrate with PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, and adding filler, plasticizer, plasticizer, colorant and other auxiliary materials. The abrasion resistance of plastic floor can be divided into four grades: PVC grade and M grade. The grade order is t grade > P grade > m grade > F grade. There is a transparent wear-resistant layer processed by special high technology on the surface of PVC floor. The super wear-resistant layer treated by special surface treatment fully ensures the excellent wear-resistant performance of ground materials. The wear-resistant layer on the surface of PVC floor can be used for 5-10 years under normal conditions according to different thickness. The thickness and quality of the wear-resistant layer directly determine the service time of PVC floor. The standard test results show that, The thickness of wear-resistant layer on the surface of PVC floor can be used under normal conditions according to different thickness. The thickness and quality of wear-resistant layer directly determine the service life of PVC floor. Due to its super wear resistance, PVC flooring is becoming more and more popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other places with large flow of people. Plastic flooring is another name for PVC flooring. Its main component is PVC material. PVC floor can be made into two kinds. One is homogeneous penetration, that is, the pattern material from the bottom to the surface is the same. The other is composite, that is, the upper layer is a pure PVC transparent layer, and the lower layer is a printing layer and a foam layer. PVC flooring is widely used in home and commercial fields because of its rich colors and various colors. Plastic floor, also known as "light body floor", is a popular product in Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and Asia. So far, it has been widely recognized by large and medium-sized cities in China. Moreover, PVC floor is widely used. It has not only become a special floor for medical institutions, but also a good choice in the field of home decoration because of its excellent performance. PVC plastic floor is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also has excellent wear resistance. It is very suitable for high-density people. It can withstand the pressure of high-density people. It is also an ideal choice for large sports fields.

Formaldehyde treatment corresponding to PVC floor

First of all, we should understand that PVC flooring does not contain formaldehyde. The main raw material of PVC floor is PVC, which is a kind of green and non-toxic environmental protection raw material. The PVC floor produced is naturally 0 formaldehyde, which is green and environment-friendly. In recent years, the application of PVC floor in various indoor places, such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, factory workshops, shopping malls and supermarkets. As a more popular floor decoration material in recent years, PVC floor is favored by consumers for its fire prevention, wear resistance, compression resistance, anti-skid, environmental protection, pavement and other characteristics.

Antibacterial properties of PVC plastic floor

Diversified plastic flooring has become a kind of floor decoration material that everyone likes very much. And correspondingly, it also has a variety of display advantages. From here, we can know the recognition of the whole market. The advantages of PVC plastic floor mainly include wear resistance, pressure resistance, flame retardant, waterproof and anti-skid, green and non-toxic, acid and alkali resistance, ready to use, comfortable foot feeling and so on. Talk about the antibacterial performance of PVC plastic floor. PVC plastic floor has antibacterial property and is widely used in medical systems, such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other places with large flow. PVC plastic floor, wear resistance and pressure resistance, waterproof and anti-skid, fire prevention and flame retardant, green environmental protection, these basic characteristics must be possessed. Secondly, antibacterial performance is also more important. The hospital environment is complex, and the composition of access personnel is very complex. There are personnel from all walks of life. Why does PVC plastic floor have bacteriostatic effect? First of all, we should understand its essence. The main raw material of PVC plastic floor is PVC floor, which itself is a new material for environmental protection. PVC plastic floor has good antibacterial properties, so bacteria can not grow on PVC plastic floor. Secondly, PVC plastic floor has no affinity with most bacteria. Only by cleaning the floor can we create a comfortable medical environment for patients, and it is also easy to make patients have a happy mood. The plastic floor shows that this is very important for patients. A good medical environment can also highlight the style and overall strength of the whole hospital and create a kind of trust.

Overall appearance of PVC floor

The development of the flooring industry with frequent new products is mainly diversified, and PVC flooring is one of the more popular new categories. Therefore, high-quality plastic flooring has gradually become the main theme of sales. With the growing interest in purchasing, where to have a good PVC floor has become a question with high frequency. Experienced consumers know what to start from. The first thing to be clear is the advantages of PVC flooring, which can help eliminate unqualified types of flooring.

Wear resistant scene of PVC floor

The wear resistance of PVC floor has always been one of the main problems concerned by users, and its wear resistance is directly related to the service life of PVC floor. PVC floor is generally divided into dense bottom type There are three kinds of homogeneous transparent substrates and homogeneous transparent substrates. These three materials are relatively wear-resistant, and the surface of PVC floor has been subjected to wear-resistant treatment. Let me talk to you about the wear resistance of three kinds of PVC flooring. 1. PVC floor with dense bottom. Dense bottom PVC floor belongs to composite PVC floor. It is composed of several different functional surface layers, with wear-resistant UV layer on the surface. PVC floor with dense bottom has good pressure resistance, which is mostly used in factories and warehouses. 2. PVC foam floor. Due to the special structure of foam layer, foam bottom composite PVC composite floor has good sound absorption performance and foot comfort due to its foam layer. In the production process of PVC floor, foaming agent is added to the foaming layer. But it is also because of the addition of foaming agent that the mechanical properties and mechanical properties of the material itself are reduced. The foaming agent will destroy the original stable network structure of the polymer to a certain extent, but also make the load-bearing performance of the foamed PVC floor poor, such as obvious dents will be left after the placement of carts, tables and chairs. 3. Homogeneous transparent PVC floor. Homogeneous transparent PVC floor is also known as all-in-one floor glue. Because the whole body is the same pattern and material, the floor with this structure is recognized as having good durability. Homogeneous transparent PVC floor is mostly used in hospitals Factory workshop laboratory. kindergarten. Large shopping malls and other places have long service life and a lot of care. The problem of which PVC floor is more wear-resistant is actually more wear-resistant, but the use scenarios are different, and the materials selected are also different, so the wear-resistant performance is also different. On the whole, the homogeneous penetrating wear resistance is the second, and the foaming bottom of sports floor is relatively poor.
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