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Founded in 1985, Zhejiang Jinhua Tiankai Electronic Material Co., Ltd. is a vice chairman unit of China Electrostatic Protective Association and a vice chairman unit of Shanghai Electrostatic Protective Industrial Association. It is specialized in production of permanent anti-static PVC floor (coiled material) and commercial homogeneous shivering PVC floor (coiled material). Under the tenet of “Technology, Innovative Development” for years, the company integrates R & D and production and takes the lead in product varieties, product quality, technical level and enterprise scale in the industry in China.

The permanent anti-static PVC coiled material produced by the company is widely applied to electronic industry, IT industry, etc., being an indispensible infrastructure material of the electronic industry. Similarly, thanks to its environmental friendliness and appreciation value, the commercial homogeneous shivering PVC coiled material has the advantages of sound insulation, heat preservation, elasticity, dust prevention, pollution resistance, skid resistance, sterilization and so on. With wider application, it is the most suitable product for hospitals, schools, office buildings, and transportation equipment such as vehicles and ships.

Core enterprise member of the company: Jinhua Tiankai Microelectronic Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Jinhua Tiankai Cleaning Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. It has set up a sales center in Shanghai and offices in all large areas, including Shanghai Tianzhu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd, Chengdu Tiankai Electrostatic Protection Engineer Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xintiankai Electronic Material Co., Ltd.

Leading products of the company:
Tiankai Commercial Floor Series(TKA Series、TKB Series、TKC Series、TKD Series);
Tiankai Antistatic Floor Series(Static Conductive Series、Dissipation Series);
Tiankai Antistatic Raised Floor ;

Jiang Junping, chairman and general manager of the company, is a professor level senior engineer of the original Electronic Ministry, a member of the fifth, sixth and seventh National Committee of CCPPC, a gainer of special benefit for Chinese scientists with outstanding contribution, the vice chairman of the Anti-static Equipment Branch of China Electronic Instrument Industry Association and a visiting scholar of the University of Cincinnati and University of Maryland, and was recorded in “a List of Science Celebrities on the World” in 1997.

Production equipment and production capacity of the company: The company is equipped with large-scale hot press, large-scale continuous hot press, drum-type hot press, etc., and has good business environment and high-quality professionals (30% of senior and medium-grade engineering technicians). It has extremely strong product design and development capacity, independent intellectual property and several patented technologies. In 1989, its products were listed in “National Level Major New Product Trial Production Plan” by the State Scientific and Technological Committee in 1989, passed national acceptance inspection in 1994 and were listed in “National Level Scientific and Technological Achievement Key Popularization Plan” by the State Scientific and Technological Committee in 1994. Under the quality policy of “Credit, Top Quality, Constant Improvement, Satisfactory Service”, the company is willing to serve friends of all circles at home and abroad by right of its first-class products and first-class service. Through years of development, the company now has more than 3,000 famous enterprise customers at home and abroad, winning good reputation.

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